Système Intelligent d'affectation Automatique des Lauréats des ENS

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  N.B :
  • Once you validate the form on the page "Choice of Region," the action is irreversible. You will only be able to read the information on the page without changing them. However, it should be noted that you can be notified to access the page in case a change is required on your information; for example, if a more deserving graduate, that is one with a higher rank than yours, chooses the last remaining place corresponding to your first choice;

  • Once your three choices made and saved, you will eventually be transferred to one of the selected regions where you will be called to work for at least three years before being able to request a new transfer (change of your region of assignment);

  • Transfers (3 years afterwards) are done through a REQUEST FOR TRANSFER FORM duly filled in five copies and submitted to your hierarchy upon a deposit receipt. You can download a copy of a request for transfer form to the following address: www.minesec.gov.cm.

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